About Us

Here you will find our Company’s Mission & Vision.
But you will also see the core values of business,
which act as the foundation for our services.


L. Menico Financial Ltd provides timely and accurate financial services while protecting Clients assets, both real and intangible at all times. We serve as an indispensable partner on topics requiring financial inputs and expertise and we strive to maintain the highest standards of operation and trust with all parties involved and in every aspect of our operation.


To excel in providing accurate & timely services, demonstrate integrity in relationships & foster a keen focus on providing insight to our customers. In order to achieve this vision, we must support all Client needs ensure the activities proposed and resources requested reflect sound business judgment and support the overall goals & mission of the Clients.

Our Values

Some key factors that have helped us gain our client’s appreciation and preference over the years


We always put our focus on our client's needs and satisfying those needs is our primary goal at all times.


Complete focus & dedication to every project we undertake for our clients until we achieve optimal results.


At L. Menico Financial Ltd we believe that honesty and integrity should be the founding stones of every business.


We are constantly ready to respond to the changing business environment and to refine our strategies accordingly.


We aim for the Client's highest performance by adapting key productivity factors in our operational strategy.


We believe in trust & adding value to our Client's projects, striving to implement this in all aspects of our operations.


Office 102, Block A, 58 Nissi Avenue,
Venetian Corner, 5330 Ayia Napa


Tel: +357 23 722 482
Fax: +357 23 722 472


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